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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted July 08, 2011 at 16:29:09

Great article, Jason - and an important reminder because I don't know that that large part of the cycling population is heard from here or on city cycling committees. I've got some germane comments, but first, I'd like to get one tangential pet peeve out of the way ...

Similarly, for all the talk of food deserts in the lower city, the fact remains that for someone living on stretches of Rymal Road, their neighborhood is just as much a food desert as the downtown core without access to affordable, safe transportation.

Whatever the problems of downtown Hamilton, being a food desert - that popular bugaboo of American urban social activists trying to defend the obese poor from the criticism of the smug and trim - is just not one of them. I routinely go to the poorest parts of downtown to shop for groceries (the farmers market; Food Basics by the Barton Jail; No Frills on Main East near Wentworth; the little grocers on James North).

We do no-one any favours by worrying about solving problems which they don't even have.

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