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By julie twyford (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2011 at 20:59:39 in reply to Comment 65694

I am not "serious" about riding my bike. I just want to ride it. I ride it to the grocery store. I signal my turns. Stop or really slow down for stop signs, and ride on the road. I'd actually much rather just take my SUV to the grocery store which is a 3 minute drive away, but I'm trying to be "good". If I had to wear a helmet to ride the bike, I'd sell it, because helmets are gross.

I'm okay driving my SUV. I think, in a tiny little mean-spirited way, I'd like "them" to legislate helmets so I wouldn't have to ride my bike anymore.

But, riding the bike without a helmet is lovely. The wind in my hair, the kid-like freedom (that sadly, kids don't even know anymore, the poor mites)...

Riding a bike doesn't have to be serious, but it should be lovely.

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