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By Inhocmark (registered) | Posted June 23, 2011 at 09:59:42 in reply to Comment 65068

It's kind of folly considering the current trends in urban planning to think anything done in central Hamilton is going to do anything to alleviate growth and congestion in the suburbs. That growth is going to happen regardless.

It is great that Hamilton will be full of new investment and new jobs, but to be self centered for a moment: Beyond the additional tax revenue, which is welcome, how does all that new investment and jobs help me if I'm not able to even access the city via the public transportation that my taxes pay for?

To pay for a large capital project like this there surely is going to be a tax hike. I'm fine with that. It'll hurt short term, but I'll adjust the budget and pay the extra. What will burn me though is I'll be paying for a service that even if I wanted to use it will be unable to.

Surely even with all the different priorities that the suburbs and the lower city have, there has to be some understanding of my point? Those of us who want to do our part, to take cars off the road and use Pubic Transit are literally unable to do so.

Fred: I took your meaning, I lumped in Waterdown with the rest of the burbs. It's all good.

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