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By highwater (registered) | Posted June 01, 2011 at 22:33:57 in reply to Comment 64432

You're the one who's not answering questions.

What does dressing like a slut mean? And don't say "dressing like a prostitute", because I've seen desperate prostitutes wearing baggy sweatpants and stained tshirts, and high-priced escorts who look like they'd be just as at home in the executive suite as the penthouse suite. What constitutes dressing like a 'slut' and dressing like a 'prostitute' are entirely subjective. You have failed to define your terms.

You have also failed to show the slightest connection between professional standards of dress for teachers, or any other professional for that matter, and the idea that women are entirely responsible for male behaviour.

I find it deeply ironic that someone who styles themselves as a Libertarian, would suggest that there be some kind of external controls on the way people dress. I mean, in the grand, free market of ideas, wouldn't the teachers who fail to present themselves in accordance with the standards of dress for their profession, experience the consequences of their actions by losing their jobs? Funny how your Libertarian ideals go out the window when it comes to controlling women.

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