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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted June 01, 2011 at 12:42:07

Not to interrupt this devolving spectacle, but Smith, what does "dress like a slut" even mean?

Also, your question to Brandon is very revealing from a broader perspective because you're asking a hypothetical male authority figure what HE would choose for his daughter, as though its his choice and she has no agency. It seems to me that part of the subversiveness of SlutWalk is combating this attitude that women should self-police what they wear because of what others, (read: men) think or do.

The entire debate, as you've chosen to approach it, is one about YOUR conceptualization of the term "slut" and how YOU react to women dressing provocatively.

Correct me if I'm off-base here, Brandon, but what I think you've been patiently (at least more patiently than I might) pointing out is that it is irrelevant to a discussion of victimization. There's no compelling evidence that dress is in any way related to victimization, and even if it were, why is it an issue?

"We" (you know, 'police/society/culture/the royal we') don't make a point of telling men to avoid dressing or acting like hooligans to avoid fights in the street, but a patriarchal society can't help but focus on controlling women's sexuality and appearance.

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