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By tomcooper (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2007 at 16:15:07

PR may indeed shake up the system - allowing groups that are tradionally dis-enfranchised to make inroads. For example, such a system would likely allow some representation from the Green Party which has been shut out of the first-past-the-post system.

One potential pitfall of PR deals with direct representation.
In theory our system is based on a Member of Parliament representing a specific geographic constituency. If you're a resident of Hamilton East, have a problem with a Worker's Compensation claim and aren't getting satisfaction from the Ministry - you can always go to your local Member for assistance.
While that system will still remain, there will be a seperate group of MPPs chosen at large who do not represent specific 'geographic areas'.
Since the Parties would provide lists of names for those individuals who would become elected if their Party received a high enough percentage of the vote, there is the possibility that the list could favour candidates from certain areas - like Toronto for instance. Other areas, like the North could get shut out.
It will be incumbent upon the Parties themsevles to ensure that the candidates chosen for the list is done so in a democratic way that is also regionally representative.
There will be much more to chew over the coming months on this issue.
It will be very interesting to see which interest groups come out in favour and who is opposed.

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