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By Brandon (registered) | Posted May 30, 2011 at 20:51:11 in reply to Comment 64263

Did the police officer say that it's legal/moral for women to be sexually assaulted because of what they wear?

By blaming the victim you excuse the perpetrator.

If a woman dresses in a way they KNOW will attract male attention, does it make it less likely or more likely that they will attract sexual predators?

This in no way, shape or form, excuses the aggressor. The responsibility lies entirely with the perpetrator of the act.

Who said they were OK with women being attacked? Who? Was it the police officer? Was it Stephen Harper? Rob Ford? Who said that "sluts" deserved to be sexually assaulted?

By saying that dressing a certain way invites it you are implying that it was deserved or at least sought after.

Why are you attempting to divert the issue into politics by bringing up Harper or Ford?

All the police officer said was the truth: Dress like a piece of meat and there is a greater likelihood that people will treat you like a piece of meat. That's just good advice.

Right. Wear a burkha and you'll never be bothered. Brilliant advice. Men rape women not for the sexuality but for the domination. By suggesting that it was invited you attempt to excuse the rape. It's pathetic.

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