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By thrillhouse (registered) | Posted May 30, 2011 at 12:45:42 in reply to Comment 64224

Thanks for your response. I see your point, and think I agree: I've had similar reservations over the choice of terminology myself.

I tend to feel that although the term "SlutWalk" correclty emphasises the fact that sluts should not be shamed (i.e. that the word shouldn't be used in the way it too often is) and that one should be free to make relevant life choices without being degraded for it, it does so at the expense of unintentionally deemphasising the fact that any person (slut or not) should not automatically be viewed by anyone as a slut, nor blamed in any other sense, if they are the victim of sexual assault.

The latter is an issue sufficiently separate from the epithet "slut" to make the name of this movement seem inapt, especially given the (I think) best point raised in response to the remark that started this whole debate, namely, that the manner in which you're dressed is not going to determine whether or not you risk being the victim of rape.

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