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By just me (anonymous) | Posted May 24, 2011 at 15:00:37

There's gotta be a vitriol filter that some McMaster bio/enginrg/medical researcher has as a prototype that'd find a perfect test site in RTH to identify, DNA-ish or otherwise, the trash that some call trolling, that's interfering with actual discourse. I probably, as disclaimer, love and respect people with electronic Tourette's--which is what much of these so-called trolling is. But there's medication out there, and prescription financial aid. Ask your GP doctor or shrink. The thrill of self-control may be overwhelming & overcoming! Failing that, someone gotta discover a 'file filtering' system of some sort. ABUSE is not part of this site's stated purposes--and Say Nothing's hurt responses to people telling her/him to do unto himself are typical of the injured responses instantly spurting from the mouths of sociopaths: HUH? Me do wrong? How dare you! I'm the injured party! These are classic responses of the type. They're building a new "Help" Centre on the Mountain at W 5th & Fennell. Hmm... a first candidate...

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