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By you can't handle the truth (anonymous) | Posted May 20, 2011 at 15:30:34

Ohhh, I hit a nerve, I am not a troll, just a person expressing their viewpoint. But of course my rant about union contracts is relevant, considering what the G20 truly represents, the interests of big business which is continually pushing for the privatization of all things, to have complete control over all resources and assets of the public.

Too bad you are locked into a mindset, that does not even allow for recognition of the real truth. I guess as long as things are moving merrily along in your life, who cares about others in our society who struggle, becuase of the oppressive policies imposed on us.

Remember now, it was the blood of the workers before you who stood and even died so you could have benefits and pensions and more then a living wage, if you are a working police officer.

Nothing will change your mind until, you are down in the dregs with the rest of us who struggle, for shelter, food, jobs and a live of dignity.

Are you a thinking person or a drone?

Peace bro

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