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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted May 20, 2011 at 10:54:35

I can't help but feel how so many of the comments in this thread-

Well, first off, it's not hard for me to read them as surreal, well-articulated comebacks typical of kids. The stuff of a summer popcorn movie. You know, curmudgeonly old men (I'm willing to bet, almost to a one that the 'players' here are men) who have been changed into eight year olds. And I'm not talking about the clearly disparate stances presented. I love a good dichotomy, I love it when opposing notions go head-to-head.
I'm talking about the way these stances are expressed. As someone who believes fervently in a better way regarding governance, changing the paradigm to something wholly more workable, effective and humane, based on bringing citizens into the actual process, I despair after reading some/most of the comments: THIS is what civic discourse looks like?!? Ugh.

Secondly, I'da thunk RTH held more potential for discourse than this. I'm not saying I see it as the repository for great discussion, where an exchange of well thought out ideas articulated nicely takes place regularly...but maybe that's always been my naïve hope.

(I came across a reference to Magic Johnson having had some protracted training for broadcasting some time back...because he was just so terrible at being a commentator. I wonder how some of our loudest, most strident voices would benefit from such input.)

Finally, and I know I keep throwing this out there, but how I'd love for Ryan et al to begin having 'town halls', the Hamilton equivalent of 'salons', where some of the mainstays of RTH would do what they do here, in person. I'd pay to see what would unfold...

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