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By adrian (registered) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 19:57:01 in reply to Comment 63742

The RTH we is little more than a collective ideology. The RTH we is an aggregate assemblage of an agreeable group of writers and philosophers, essentially a stand-alone do-little noun when what we really need are more verbs running around.

No, it's not. The people who read, write for, and post on RTH are probably the most active, engaged people in the city. The guy who wrote the article you're commenting on has run for mayor and city councillor, and came damn close to winning Ward 2, and that's just his political career - he's also a prolific writer and activist. And that's just Matt Jelly. There are many others who are actively engaged.

Beyond the people on RTH, look at the projects - Ryan's elections site that seeks to provide open, local data on elections; the Our City, Our Future campaign that stopped the stadium from being built on the East Mountain; the new Walkable Hamilton ( website. There's a ton of stuff going on.

If you feel like writing comments on RTH is not enough, then I'd encourage you to get involved with something. It doesn't take money. You know how to write, would you be interested in helping me run Walkable Hamilton? If so, email me.

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