Comment 61597

By George (registered) | Posted March 26, 2011 at 15:51:18 in reply to Comment 61585

Zephyr wrote:

I am not sure what makes him the arbiter of what is and is not fit to be published in a journal or on someone else's website.

Perhaps Mr Butani's praise of the CCPA is an inadvertant validation of Ryan;s article.

I also am dumbfounded that he cavalierly dismisses the many, many residents of Hamilton who got involved in the OCOF campaign by claiming that it was not an example of an engaged community movement.

Agreed. I'd love some elaboration on this opinion.

Mr Butani wrote:

If the "campaign" is still open to other views, I would be more than happy to explain at length as to why the WH site was and will never be suited for sports.

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