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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted January 19, 2011 at 21:41:43

Omigod. It is Ryan's site. Trolls, retards, geniuses, lefties and righties should all just be thanking his ass that the site exists.

Everyone can TURN OFF the fading of down voted comments under "profile management." RTFM. GYFR (get yourself freaking registered).

Registration should be required, and getting banned is a fact of life. I don't even care if morons get banned just for being stupid. Close the site. Use it as a location for exchanging rational ideas, and not a pulpit for the regurgitation of BS from anonymous CHML ear clones. If you don't like RTH start your own site. You can learn for yourself how much work something like this takes, and see how easily it can be destroyed.

Personally, I turn off the comment score fading because I find it very important to read what the retards from CHML are saying. I need to know what these people are spouting so that I can effectively argue against them at McDonalds, on the bus, at work, in church, on my street, etc. The work does not stop at RTH. I find that the trolls on RTH are a much less painful way to learn what Bill Kelly and Scott Thompson are being paid to say without having to listen to CHML.

Please down vote me to like -32 so the anonymous trolls go straight to it.

Thanks for all your hard work Ryan.

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