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By hammy (anonymous) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 20:58:21

With all due respect, my point of view is IWS is the best solution on the table today.
It is the most affordable situation on the table.
With an IW vote by council next wk. we are not only securing a home for the CFL football team, we are securing the Pan Am games, and possibly pro soccer in the near future.
We are securing 100's of much needed jobs for a community in desperate need of a new start.
Council voting for a 6000 seat stadium gurantees the city nothing, besides who needs two stadiums in Hamilton, one 6000 seater and IW.
Plan B will then be just that plan B. Mississaga will likely get the plan B nod. It is a better location, plus they don't have the baggage associated with Hamilton.
Some are under the impression that Ian Troop suggested we still get first crack with plan B, I am afraid this is not true and probably a miss understanding with all that has been said over the past yr.
Our plan B will have to compete against 3 other communities plan B's. That at best gives us a one in four shot at winning the Pan Am games. Not good odds in my opinion.
Plan B is the reason we may not know anything until the middle of Feb.
Why? Because of the other 3 proposals that would have to being considered.
From the very beginning we know Hostco's prefered choice is a large stadium which can handle not only soccer but have a legacy tenant and possibly support other Pan Am programs. Again a 6000 seat stadium at WH does not provide this, I/W does.

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