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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 21:05:41

  • attach fading comments to "offensive" button only (set threshold to whatever # - I don’t know, 5?

  • I find the up/down voting interesting and have no issue with this aspect being kept; I even like the fact that it’s vague as to why posts are up/down voted (good post or in agreement?), and I’m all for simplicity (up, down, offensive) but seancb’s additional buttons are certainly workable

  • I feel that the posts are far more important to me than other people deciding to upvote/downvote; I’m certainly not very consistent when it comes to using the voting system, either (e.g. sometimes I just read)

  • the principles to why this site was created are available on the home page; I suspect not many people have read them

  • perhaps the commenting guidelines link should be prominently placed on the home page so they're readily visible and accessible? I read them again myself when this topic came up and, because I read them quickly when I first registered, it was all quite “fresh”

  • for the people who are tirelessly complaining about being down-voted, accuse RTH of being a club, and other insinuations - you are not required to participate in this specific web site

  • I absolutely love the RTH concept and content - what an amazing source of thought-provoking information and data

  • I suspect that the West Harbour/East Mountain, Ticat, Ivor Wynne issue has touched more raw nerves than most other topics, and may explain the increase in offensive, waste-of-time posts

  • I’d also love a one-click log-out button on the front page; do you know how many times I’ve inadvertently been logged in for days?

  • I like the fact that so many new people are participating, whether they register or not, and/or whether they stick around for more than one round/topic or not; I think it is testament to the increase in citizen engagement and the popularity of the RTH model (if not RTH itself)

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