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By cut2chase (anonymous) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 20:30:29

I think there should be a total of 24 buttons below ever post, which clearly defines the limits of discourse and free speech at RTH - the award winning blog that has single handedly put Hamilton on the international map of cutting edge innovation in community building.

These 24 buttons labeled as below will drive the discussions on the future of Hamilton from here on. If you don't like what you read on this blog, you no longer have to get emotional. Simply press one of these well researched and sustainable position buttons, and save yourself the agony of ever writing a response.

fck it
fck me
fck him
fck them
fck dissent
fck everyone
fck your views
fck your opinion
fck counterpoints
fck the developers
fck the council
fck tolerance
fck business
fck evidence
fck suburbia
fck diversity
fck truth
fck logic
fck transperancy
fck commonsense
fck off, this is ryan's blog
fck off, this is jason's blog
fck the fcker who questions ryan
fck the fcker who questions jason

Registered users could be allowed to press from one to three buttons per post, based on their behavior or caliber; while the inner-circle card holders could get to press up to ten buttons per post to enable them to eradicate irresponsible behaviour and errant thoughts from all articles and blogs.

The editor should reserve the right for himself to add more buttons of his choice unilaterally at will, based on the nature of the article/blog posts, since it is he who has complete authority and control over the content and direction of this blog.

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