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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 00:05:47

Let's be clear, Ryan created this site to push his personal agenda. When people like myself point out things FACTS like, LRT will cost taxpayers $130 million and yet only cut 1 minute off a 32 minute trip, his whole agenda is threatened. He is left with three options. Either debate that the facts are real, claim they don't matter, or get rid of them.

Because he is not stupid, he knows that those facts are real and easily verified. Instead, he can choose to argue that saving 1 minute on a 32 minute trip across the city is such a strong incentive, that home buyers will flock to Hamilton and this in turn will create 1-2 billion in new investment. However, if LRT is being sold as TRANSFORMATIONAL, then the FACT that it will only reduce commute times by 3.13% is very damaging to that sales job.

What other choices is Ryan left with. He has to find a way to get rid of these facts that threaten to derail his LRT sales job. That's why the "War on Trolls" has been created. It's his and others way of demonizing opposition to the tax and spend agenda.

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