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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 17, 2011 at 17:12:47


I am downvoted frequently. I think it may take away from the effectiveness of the site because it's just become a consensus meter, not the tool it was intended to be. If I'm downvoted in the middle of a spat with another poster, that's OK as maybe it's the wrong arena. I wish I could send a message via RTH to the poster and them send one to me instead of firing back and forth publicly, which either bores or amuses the RTH crowd... you can choose which. I am also downvoted because I'll discuss and challenge things that are a little off center of the RTH status quo. This doesn't bother me anymore, I expect it now. To anyone new to RTH I suggest you adapt the old saying, "Dance like no one is watching" to "Write like no one is voting".

Registration should be a must, I can't really see any argument otherwise. I guess it comes down to you Ryan, is this a discussion board or is it a community. That ultimately is your decision alone.

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