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By Boomer (registered) | Posted January 17, 2011 at 16:56:41

Issues become overshadowed by "trolls". Civilized discussion becomes distracted and hijacked by name-calling. There are certainly a number of "trolls" who state off-topic how much they dislike RTH and are rude and abusive about it (unless it is one troll using various user names), but let them debate their case (staying on topic) in an adult manner. There's nothing wrong with disagreement, but it can be done in a civil way. Treat each other the way you would like to be treated. A thought out argument adds to learning and understanding; insults do not.

Please require all commenters to register. Make people responsible and stand behind their comments. Also, if you're uneasy, Ryan, you can always provide commenters a warning if their behavour warrants, and if that doesn't work, put the "ban" up to a vote of registered members. That is democracy. Just an idea to consider.

Is there any way you can limit one registration to one IP address (if that's not already being done)?

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