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By wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 13:22:34

I assume voicing shaky ideas is the game. Like yesterday, Spec's Paul Wilson wrote:

> our sneaky neighbour Aldershot... For years, it’s been making off with things that properly belong in Hamilton.

I mean, did he have to wear a tin-foil hat so the machiavellian Aldershot Chamber of Commerce wouldn't read his thoughts as he wrote this?

Its the game in "treed media"; build up both sides of an argument with shoddy points, then write stories about the deteriorating debate.

The 1st-floor, "lesser lie," is when they claim no bias, then say "sometimes, we just know what's best." A 2nd-floor usually hides a greater lie about their true bias; "we don't pull stings in the city, just pluck widely at them all". There is no agenda but to shake change out of people's pockets.

Fortunately, its a failing business model... You can't play that old guitar to the digital dance-beat, and the Net has a long, detailed memory.

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