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By vonacle (registered) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 14:29:10

I just sent this to McHattie and Bratina, what do you think?

Dear Mr McHattie, and Mr Bratina, I heard the news about Ivor Wynn being the apparent solution on the stadium debacle. At first, I thought it sounded like a great solution, but having thought it through, and having read this article and especially the comments below it, I really am even more concerned about the way this whole matter has been handled.

I really do think Hamiltonians, as municipal, provincial and federal taxpayers have been treated with contempt in all of this. If, as it would appear, this is being funded with 100% public money, then I believe Bob Young OWES it to Hamiltonians to at the very least come clean about what his corporate sponsors are coughing up. If it’s “major” we, as owners and financers of this thing, are entitled to know how major.
I sincerely hope they have not bankrupted our future fund in all of this. If all of the provincial, federal and future fund monies are to be used up via this route then at the very least it should go to public ballot. Considerable municipal money has been spent already on the west harbour site, and Bob Young’s last minute bombshell about the “unsuitability” of that site still has most Hamiltonians stinging. We feel as if the whole process has been hijacked, and our opinions have been made to seem unimportant at best, an irritating noise at worst.

WE should be allowed to decide between West Harbour and Ivor Wynn. There are pros and cons to both sites (and I count the TigerCats as both a pro and a con!) but please ask for citizens to be shown the respect we are due.

Many thanks, A Proud Hamiltonian

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