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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 11, 2011 at 13:44:26

@transitstudent, but Ivor Wynne is mostly used by the community now, and every other site was supposed to have a community unit to it as well. That was always the plan. Build new or fix up an old stadium, they both accomplish the same thing except this plan is cheaper. It's still in Hamilton, and there is city building opportunities there. A 20 year plan lets business know there is merit to start-ups in this district. Who knows what that message ('20 years'), will carry. That's a long commitment to the community. There are a lot of boarded up factories/storefronts. Who is to say more 'Pearl Company' type projects won't surface because of this commitement to the Ward 3 community. Dare I say a new Barton Street shopping district? I hope so.

This would be a huge victory for our Ward. I suggest we work together to help one another's wards fight their battles and celebrate eachother's victories, instead of putting them down and saying 'what about us.' True, I was saying that too (I won't deny that fact), but the only talks going on about 75 Balsam were of demolishing a crumbling stadium in a dodgy area of Hamilton and build a seniors residence. That's why I wanted to walk people around my neighborhood during my rally. So others could see what I see when I walk with my family around the stadium, and I see much more than a seniors residence.

It's easy to point out what's wrong, but when you allow yourself to be open to what is beautiful amongst what has long been forgotten, you enable yourself to see potential where others just drive by as quick as they can; and I have only lived in the area on and of for 10 years. I'd love to have this conversation with someone who grew up around here. A good long one. I bet they could tell some stories and sell this plan even better than I have. They have seen the hi's and low's, when it was once prosperous, when it wasn't They know why Ivor Wynne works now and always has, and how the current experience can be tweaked to make it even better.

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