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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 13:09:41

I like how all these "ideas" are floating around for a temporary GO station, among others.

Tell me, who is going to fund this temporary GO station? Metrolinx? People seem to think that everything we need will just materialize for free. We'll have to buy the land, remediate said land, build a temporary station (probably at the City's expense as Metrolinx has no plans to build a station there currently - it would be too close to the two other new proposed Hamilton stations.

As for LRT, while proposed, my understanding is that they've decided to wait until after the Pan Am games to implement any LRT, so I dont' know how relevant that will be to the Toronto 2015.

And I think the competitive velodrome, the more "unique" of the two facilities because they are so rare in North America, would have been well served by the extra funds, and I'm greatly disappointed that the velodrome might be the next casualty of this stadium mess.

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