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By Steve (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 10:59:52

@Enraged, per this Spectator Ediorial from September Bayfront Park (WH) was considered;

@Those Nutcases, Morelli is anygthing but asleep at the switch. He's a cold, calculating bully who put the festival move in play with Ferguson who was coveting putting something of significance at AFG.

The parking debacle of last summer was simply a play to move this one step closer to moving elsewhere. How last minute and typical Morelli was the parking permiting last summer?

  • A friend of mine received his at his door (mailbox)
  • He was surprised when it arrived because he didn't ask for it, and wasn't told one was coming
  • Went to City Hall and said "Hey can I get another 2 of these in case my kids decide to visit on that weekend" and was given 2 more permits just like that.
  • Then he said to me do you want to have one to photocopy because they are just photocopies on coloured paper.....

A bush league, but effective way to remove the Festival from where Morelli no longer wanted it.

Like I stated previously, dead to me, and time to invent a new longterm festival.

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