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By whitehorse (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 16:34:30

@ Andrea,

By AndreaC (anonymous) Posted January 06, 2011 15:29:09

I think there are two steps here:

  1. Secure funding for a scaleable WH stadium/Velodrome/community athletics centre - we only have until February 1st (luckily the WH has been confirmed as the site of choice 7 times! since the PanAm proposal in 2003)

  2. After ensuring our funding for the scaleable PanAm stadium/Velodrome is confirmed, the city of Hamilton will be city in the driver's seat as there will be no money for an Aldershot stadium... this will be the time to make a play for a community-owned team, if this is what the residents of this city want to do.

My advice is that we should NOT mix up the Ti-Cats issue with the PanAm community legacy stadium any longer, as this is what is allowing self-interested millionaires to hijack this process repeatedly. If this is done right, all the cards belong to the city of Hamilton!

This is excellent ideas Andrea! I love them!!!

Yes, I want to join in a Rally with people who support this excellent ideas to be build a scalable stadium at the West Harbour!

  • Please think about our young Hamiltonians, the poor kids ...who will enjoy this stadium at the beautiful West Harbour.

  • Do not let the Cats controlling our city again, they can do what ever they want with their own $$$ in any city with their choice!!!

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