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By George (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 11:31:00

Borrelli wrote:

I notice that the commentary on the Spec's website has taken a rather ugly turn, at least in terms of support for the Ti-Cats. The vitriol being spewed at Mitchell and Young over their treachery is ramping up, so I'm wondering what type of permanent scars the brand will bear if the 'Cats are eventually forced to come crawling back to Hamilton, tail between their legs.

I noticed that a little while ago too, and it's still ramping up as Borrelli describes.

However, if the team ends up staying in Hamilton, I think all will be forgotten. As has already been mentioned before, the team is bigger than Bob Young. More people are loyal to the team than they are to the ownership group, that is for sure. Count me among those long time fans who would quit the team if they moved out of my city.

Any move out of the city of Hamilton is risky, and would be a definite mistake. This franchise cannot afford to lose any segment of its current fan base which is currently barely enough to keep this historic franchise going.

That might be why Bob Young has not made any comments recently. There may be merit to the description of good cop, bad cop/Young,Mitchell dynamic.

Also, there might be merit to the theory that Mitchell's job is on the line here if he ends up being responsible for moving the team out of Hamilton and killing it in the process. Scapegoat.

So much for the "caretaker" approach of cherishing a public trust as has been desribed. Especially if he had the chance to sell it to owners willing to play out of WH in the city of Hamilton where the team belongs.

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