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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 02, 2011 at 10:08:14

Well said @Wentworthst and @Mymy. It has been nice during my little plea to Save Ivor Wynne Stadium, to see there are others out there who appreciate both the history and the game experience at Ivor Wynne, and who also don't fully understand (or understand and just don't like the answers), why IWS is not suitable for the games.

Anyone watch the Heritage Winter Classic last night in Pittsburgh? Nice show. I love those outdoor games very much. The first one, in my opinion was best. Of course, it was in Canada. :)

Remember we had one during the lockout? It was also a rainy afternoon at IWS but what a blast to have those stars playing a charity game in our backyards. I didn't live in the area at the time but my friend lived on Melrose so we gathered for drinks at his house beforehand and walked the one minute over to the game.

Going back to Pittsburgh. Well it is a stunning waterfront venue as depicted in one of the recent RTH articles, and it was a successful event as always, but there was just something to the last two events held in 'Heritage' buildings such as Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. Perhaps becuase cities like Chicago and Boston have chosen to embrace their heritage, all New Year's Eve Heritage Classic games should be swapped yearly between the two venues, or other such historic buildings.

After looking through the archive photos of Civic Stadium/Ivor Wynne Stadium at the Hamilton Public Library, we could have old photos on the wall all around Ivor Wynne and even statues like Joe Louis Arena in Detroit for example. Other than washroom lines for the men half way around the concourse at intermission, that is another amazing historic site - one of the last remaining if not THE last one in the NHL.

As for bus routes @mymy, I didn't go back and ad some of the local Church lots to this map that offer parking around IW game days, but where transit and getting to the stadium are concerned, this map shows just how accessible IWS really is.

As for the link provided by @RenaissanceWatcher, by all definitions there is no reason Ivor Wynne is not ready right now. Problem is yes, we have the stadium in place today and today we could host soccer, but it takes at least $20M to get the stadium to 2015 and if the Cats are a no go past the 2011 season when their lease I believe expires, we spent $20M on a stadium held vacant between 2012 and 2015, and thereafter. Unless we secure a soccer team I guess?

No secret what I want. If Hostco would just commit some funds (even of lesser value than new build funds), to cover the $20M south stand replacement even, but we need to secure a soccer franchise on our own. There has to be a legacy. Mac has the Mauraders, UofT has the Blues. We need a tennant at IWS to make this work, if the Cats are out.

I know I am being selfish when I say this, but I am not sure I want Ivor Wynne without the Cats though. North American football - Canadian football, is a big part of the heritage there. I have always said that for me personally, saving Ivor Wynne doesn't work without the Cats. The franchise. It doesn't mean it has to be Bob Young or Scott Mitchell's Cats.

Wouldn't it be nice if the citizens/fans could buy the team off of BY for $1? Wouldn't it be nice to know if 'we' could make it work - financially. Saskatchewan has done it. Would it be possible/as successful in Hamilton? From many of the comments I have read, many feel there are ways to make it work at IWS. What would owning our own team do for civic pride?

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