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By mymy (anonymous) | Posted January 02, 2011 at 04:39:39

If the Ti-Cats still choose not to participate at WH and the city proceeds with the above-mentioned option, I would like to see the funds HostCo is saving distributed to other venues. Since the savings would be coming from Hamilton by not building a 15,000-seat stadium, the velodrome should be the first recipient receiving the additional funding. Hopefully, in the amount necessary to enable this venue to become a world-class facility. With track and field gone, I think this is our Pan Am jewel and the one that best represents the legacy the games envision.

Since I am new poster, I am also adding my perspective on the stadium issue. As it makes this post rather lengthy, please do not feel compelled to read my remaining comments. This is based on HostCo apparently requiring a new stadium rather than a renovated IWS. Although, following the link under RenaaissanceWatcher, IWS would appear to fit their requirements.

I do not drive and my transportation means are my feet and the HSR (with the following exception). I enjoy the CFL and I am a Ti-Cat season ticket holder with no wish to see the team leave the city. While I usually get a ride with my neighbour (parking free west of Sherman, walking from there to the stadium), when that is not possible, I take the HSR to downtown and hop on the shuttle bus. If I had to pay half of a parking fee, I would probably be taking the bus exclusively. And no, not because I’m cheap. I’ve been unemployed for a very long time and don’t expect to work again prior to receiving my pension. That money would be better spent on groceries or utility bills. It is my understanding the Pan Am stadium is supposed to be multi-purpose and I do not expect a shuttle bus will be available for other than football games. Therefore, the stadium should be easily accessible for all Hamiltonians who receive HSR service. For me, it would take three buses to reach any of the east end options mentioned but not necessarily studied. I do not know the east end well, but I do not believe you can reach Confederation Park (seasonal bus only) or the Speedway site by bus today. In addition, HSR service on a Sunday or holiday schedule on some routes is once per hour, including mine. If you miss a connecting bus, you could end up taking longer to get to or from the stadium than the event itself. That does not seem practical if you live in the city where the stadium is located. Those who drive would not have the same problem reaching any of the sites that a transit user would/could entail. You have probably guessed by now that I favour a site close to downtown. Most bus routes go downtown. There also appears to be enough parking spaces to accommodate those who drive.

Even though the Ti-Cats say more than 80% drive to the game, they do espouse using the bus. I assume most using the mall shuttle locations are probably driving to the mall and I have no problem with that. Someone more computer savvy than I, will have to provide the link -- the following is from the Ti-Cat website under “TICKETS, HSR Ticket to Ride”:

“The Hamilton Street Railway in partnership with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is offering the Ticket to Ride program for all 2010 home games. This will allow loyal Tiger-Cats fans to board the HSR and DARTS vehicles FREE of charge with a valid game ticket on game days. DARTS clients must book their trip in advance.

Not only are you getting a FREE ride to and from the game and the chance to hang out with fellow fans - you are doing your part to help improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion by riding the bus to the game!”

Sorry, just have to mention one other thing which is off topic. I have noticed on my travels to various websites that there are many verbal fisticuffs happening. The phrase I really dislike on this site is “You are a moron.” Is there any possibility of elevating the phrase slightly to “Your idea(s) is(are) moronic.” Whether the person to whom this is addressed appreciates the difference is not your concern.

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