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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 22:51:53

A summary of the previously linked article.

The Federal Highway Administration’s Pedestrian Safety Report on “One-Way/Two-Way Street Conversions,” concludes that compelling reasons exist for both types of streets from a pedestrian safety perspective.

Reasons for converting to 2-way streets:

* Slower traffic speeds.
* Decrease “Vehicle Miles Traveled” by eliminating indirect routes (driving around the block to get to your destination).
* Increased access to businesses.
* Possibly: safer for pedestrians.

Reasons for maintaining 1-way streets:

* Conversion is very costly.
* 1- way streets allow for more cars, thereby decreasing congestion.
* Easier than 2-way streets to time stoplights (timed lights improve traffic flow and decrease idling (& therefore pollution)).
* Fewer turn prohibitions.
* More on-street parking.
* Possibly: safer for pedestrians.

Ryan, if you are truly interested in pedestrian safety, why are you not considering the other side of the argument?

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