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By HardKnocks (anonymous) | Posted December 16, 2010 at 21:22:40

I find it odd all this for a building with a fate yet to be decided, when Sandford Avenue School is nearing its date with the wrecking ball. Why not put up a defence for this building? Why not use Sandford as a template, a practice run, a success to then replicate with the BoE building.

Mark my words, if demolished Sandford is demolished without opposition it will be one more step in the Board of Ed's track record of removing our institutional architechural heritage, and making the BoE building that much more disposable.

Take a look at beauty of the building;, in an area that needs projects that realize revitalization.

In Toronto the Shaw Street School is being repurposed and turned into condos by Artscape, In our crazy city we seem to feel that revitalization and employment creation starts with the demolition firms.

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