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By highwater (registered) | Posted December 14, 2010 at 18:48:56

He built it that way because it made a statement about Pigott Construction and Hamilton.

...and the country. The Pigott building was the tallest building in the Commonwealth when it was built. Canada was still a relatively young and self-conscious country at that time. J.M. was very much cognizant of the fact that he was building a nation, in fact he published a book at about the same time entitled Building in Stone, in which he argued that stone was the most appropriate building material for a rising nation rich in natural resources. Oh for the days when builders and architects (and engineers!) built with legacy and meaning in mind.

I'm with you about bad art and bad architecture. We have a lot of it. Jackson Square is one of them.

Hey! Don't let JS's dreadful city-killing function blind you to its great form. Seriously. Stand on King William facing west toward JS and the City Centre one of these days. When you see them together, in the awkward spot where they were forcibly married, JS's handsome simplicity and vast superiority is immediately apparent. It's a fine example of the International Style, and a perfect partner for the Stelco Tower.

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