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By Brandon (registered) | Posted December 14, 2010 at 01:15:37

The irony is delicious.

And speaking of Mr. Katz, love these lines in an article in the Edmonton Sun. Dead on. Hamilton and now Quebec City are being used as guinea pigs for Mr. Katz to get the deal he wants in Edmonton:

"Consequently, for the second time, a plan that inevitably is designed to further enrich the richest man in Edmonton is bolstered with the use of a scare tactic. Last time, it was Hamilton. Perhaps next time it will be Quebec again, or maybe Winnipeg.

Give it up, Mr. Katz. The future of the Oilers’ arena project must be decided by the citizens of Edmonton, so that it suits the greater good and the greater purpose.

These kinds of shenanigans don’t exactly endear your side of the debate to the public."

Apparently we like these shenanigans in Hamilton, but not in Edmonton.

Katz is a jerk but Young is a hero. Who's drinking the koolaid?

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