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By George (registered) | Posted December 13, 2010 at 14:01:01

@TomRobertson - Scott Park is now the National Art College of Canada.

Does the B of Ed need a new building? As mentioned, there is plenty of vacant office space in Stelco tower.

Or couldn't they build an addition on the site of their current parking lot, thus keeping the Singer building intact and occupied?

Please,please,please DO NOT put an office building at the WH lands.

Here's an idea (I know, I'm dreaming) - Build the perimiter road, so there would be two "quick" ways across town ( LINC is the other), build the stadium at WH, convert both Main and King to 2-way and build LRT.

There you have it. A livable, walkable downtown, a WH stadium with road access and visibility, satisfied drivers, and an LRT that will transform the urban core.

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