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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted December 08, 2010 at 00:21:18

Interesting comments/voting. Adrian's sunny comment got upvoted, as did Alessandra's darker one. Browsing around Adrian's website gives an idea of why a youthful can-do optimism that ignores problems is entirely understandable, even healthy, just as it undermines political will necessary to overcome the problems Undustrial describes. Despair, pessimism, anger provide the juice needed for political action. Criticism, even if insulting or negative, helps to provide clarity as to what the problem actually is. Even our board Libertarian has a useful perspective. How useful has yet to be seen but the bottom of this meltdown is nowhere near. Soros talks about imbalances that must be rectified. But as long as folks continue business/entertainments as usual, MSM ignores reality, manipulates the truth and their readers keep lapping it up, the debate is stilted and Jason's great extreemism worry remains valid. In this debate, i believe downvoting is for the closed minded.

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