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By A Robot (anonymous) | Posted January 31, 2007 at 23:35:06

Did you even read the Residential Intensification Study? Aside from the bit on "Outer Ring Employment Growth" it seems like the kind of thing RTH should be promoting, not just dismissing with one quick mash at the keyboard. The following Directions are taken straight from the study:

Direction #1:

Encourage a compatible mix of uses in neighbourhoods that provide
opportunities to live, work and play.

Intensification can bring a diversity of housing choices to neighbourhoods and
provides the population needed to support local retail areas.

Direction #2:

Concentrate new development within existing built-up areas and within a
firm urban boundary.

Direction #3:

Protect rural areas for a viable rural economy, agricultural resources,
environmentally sensitive recreation and enjoyment of the rural landscape.

Intensification is development that is focused development within existing built-up
areas and focuses growth away from the rural area.

Direction #4:

Design neighbourhoods to improve access to community life.

Residential Intensification places new housing units in closer proximity to existing
commercial areas, institutions and community facilities, providing the necessary
population to support local retail, institutions and services.

Direction #5:

Retain and attract jobs in Hamilton’s strength areas and in targeted new

Residential Intensification creates interesting, diverse, desirable
neighbourhoods, contributing to a positive image to potential businesses.

Direction #6:

Expand transportation options that encourage travel by foot, bike and
transit and enhance efficient inter-regional transportation connections.

Residential intensification in appropriate locations adds the necessary population
to support transit use and places residential development in locations where
walking and biking to employment and shopping is possible.

Direction #7:

Maximize the use of existing buildings, infrastructure and vacant or
abandoned land.

Reuse of brownfield sites, infill development or expansion or conversion of
existing buildings are all examples of intensification.

Direction #8:

Protect ecological systems and improve air, land and water quality.

Intensification allows growth to be focused away from ecologically important
areas. Intensification in appropriate locations supports alternate forms of
transportation, contributing towards improved air quality.

Direction #9:

Maintain and create attractive public and private spaces and respect the
unique character of existing buildings, neighbourhoods and settlements.

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