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By brian (registered) | Posted September 14, 2010 at 01:30:38

"Was not Balsillie going to pay the $200 mil reno costs for Copp’s himself? Maybe he should have had the taxpayers build a new one and we would have a team!"

actually he was going to try get government money....

The Hamilton Spectator reports Balsillie has said he will sign a lease of up to 32 years and provide additional money for the renovation project, the rest of the funds would likely come from government sources

Toronto star

"The BlackBerry billionaire would foot the bill for initial upgrades, estimated at about $30 million, to get the arena ready for a team. But when it comes to a long term overhaul of the city-owned facility, which could cost upwards of $150 million, he'd ask Hamilton to seek government assistance to cover the balance."

He was just going to pay to get Copps "NHL Ready"..the rest he wanted covered by the government..over 100 million plus.

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