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By highwater (registered) | Posted September 05, 2010 at 11:42:45

Well, HamiltonFan, since you obviously know BY so well, could you please ask him why he wants to hurt us by taking away our best chance at the kind of high-paying, high-quality jobs we're going to need if we're not going to limp from year to year requiring more public funds to subsidize us? Because frankly, if I were in Bob's position I wouldn't dream of hurting a city of half a million people like that. Sensitive, moral people just don't do that kind of thing.

If he's as moral as you claim, he'll play at the WH, otherwise we have no choice but to judge him by his actions, and his actions are those of a man willing to put the interests of his small, private business over the best interests of the people of this city who are putting up all the money. And it's not even like we're asking for much in return for our investment. We have no illusions that we're going to get much benefit out of this stadium. All we're asking is that we not be hurt by it. But apparently that's too much to ask of Bob.

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