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By Brandon (registered) | Posted September 04, 2010 at 11:27:41

One more try at this: You've suggested that Council hasn't offered BY any sort of special deals or carrots to make him interested in the WH location. They've been discussing this for two years. If Bob thought he couldn't make money at that location (or any of the other suggested locations) why didn't he veto it at the beginning or even in the middle? All he has done is claim that he's got studies and spoken to experts that have told him it can't work, yet he isn't making any of this information available to Council. In fact, at the last meeting, they were specifically asked if they had this information and were told that it wasn't available!

How can you claim that BY is negotiating in good faith when he won't release this information? Those of us not privy to this look at his other demands and suggest that it's due to the fact that he's trying to control all the revenue streams from the area, which is understandable, but again, IT'S NOT HIS MONEY that's building the stadium.

When you are accepting welfare you have less choices than if you're funding it yourself.

What I don't understand, and you haven't answered yet, is why you and other 'Cats fans are mocking us for insisting that the money be spent as it was designated, which can benefit all of us, instead of just going to help BY make more money?

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