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By frank (registered) | Posted September 03, 2010 at 09:01:56

Mahesh your posts are usually great but they always seem to have some sort of "effect" to explain something. I get that a lot of us are highly educated but I don't have the time or energy to read all kinds of studies... Not to mention I can cruise the internet and find all kinds of studies to back up pretty much anything. You seem like a decent guy but if you're talking above people's heads (there are a lot of working class people who wouldn't understand or want to understand this study or that study as you can see with this whole stadium debate) they're not going to know if they should vote for you or not and that'll result in a default of 'not'.

A building CAN revitalize an area just as much as any stadium could perhaps even more. In fact, an attention grabbing, modern design would attract the type of person that Hamilton needs more of : forward thinking, progressive and open-minded.. Highwater, a client would be disclosed at some point before a contract would be signed with the city. Also, Hamilton's "engineering research base" doesn't do much other than design fugly box store developments to plop all over the city! They aren't writing books about cutting edge architectural design (btw you need an architect before an engineer not the other way around. If engineer's designed structures they'd all be geometric shapes) nor are they presenting anything worthwhile reading. In fact while we have medical engineering research I can't recall if I've ever heard of a civil engineering research base in the city at all or if there even is such a thing. Rarely is an engineer actually the one responsible for designing the building envelope, they're responsible for designing the structure underneath it that holds it up. No architect would get a piece of land to simply create a building...he'd have to present a conceptual design at the very least for approval. At that point, you can decide to continue or not.

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