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By sbwoodside (registered) - website | Posted September 03, 2010 at 00:41:29

Keep Gehry away from our city! One or two of his buildings -- cool. But they keep cropping up everywhere, and they are UGLY and don't fit into the architectural landscape of hamilton.

The problem is "Starchitects". These people, like Gehry, or go look at the ROM, horribly disfigured by Libeskind [1]. Sure, Bilbao was cool, but the world only needs one building like that. Instead, people think that bringing in another starchitect building will somehow make their city cool, and build a monstrosity that leaks, is unfriendly to the urban streetscape, and disappoints in the end. Take the MIT Stata Centre, which I've been in. It's totally wonky looking, and very cool. At first. Then you realize that it's just creepy and weird, and when you go inside, it gets even worse. Try fitting furniture into your office with those weird angles.

Maybe if Gehry could restrain himself like he did at the AGO, it might be workable. But otherwise, bring on the classic traditional architecture! We've got lots of good design here in Hamilton, let's continue a good theme.

[1] And criticized right here on RTH!

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