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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted September 02, 2010 at 17:59:07

(I wonder if some people would be happier if Boris Brott attacked the string section with a hockey stick during each performance? Full body armour for the whole orchestra, & a free for all at the end of each concert?)

Elton John vs. B.Y. in a Mixed Martial Arts contest?

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra will sell out Copps again for several concerts this Christmas time (as it does every year) & they won't need to supply the audience with paint ball guns to do it.

As usual, musicians are the 'freeloaders', :( ? ? by Some people's standards.

I wonder how well Copps did when Elton John appeared? Did they get Nothing out of it? 'Don't think so! They probably Crocodile Rocked right down that Yellow Brick Road all the way to the bank.
I wonder how the area restaurants & hotels did too? Parking lots?

At only 10 home games a year..Only Football can save Hamilton???? CRAP & MORE CRAP!
Football can help, but only if they want to.

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