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By renegauthier (registered) - website | Posted August 30, 2010 at 14:37:23

I think we'd all like to see the WH site, but if it's not feasible to the anchor tenant, it's not feasible for anyone as it would only perpetuate a problem. The Ti-Cats have always wanted to talk. They just want to ensure that wherever it goes, it works for them as much as it works for the city. Unfortunately, the city wasn't prepared to have a dialogue about other sites until now.

Traffic congestion was always going to be a problem wherever the stadium was going to be put, even EM. The issue with WH has always been visibility. Longwood addresses that weakness and it's a better position than EM for sure on that one.

As far as complementary transit for GO riders, they have lots of time to figure out how that will happen, but the GO Centre would be at the forefront on that. Just need to get the LRT going for that area. Perhaps a direct line could be set up to serve that area for stadium events.

I stand by the need for a retractable roof stadium with 5 buildings attached to it, the same model as Whitestar group's model, with parking underneath to serve MIP and stadium alike.

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