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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 09:28:51

Mister underscore said "By failing to establish a bona fide and legitimate process, the Mayor has allowed various interest groups to highjack the opportunities presented by these Games and to pit good intentioned Hamiltonians against each other."

Are you on crack? Use your head, the "bona fide and legitimate process" HAD to have ALREADY taken place BEFORE we were awarded the Pan-American games. Hamilton was awarded the games BECAUSE the West Harbour Stadium was part of the plan. Somehow the Games Committee wasn't concerned about the non-issues that are now being whipped up by Bob Young and the gang and then parrotted by a few vocal Tiger-Cat fans, political opportunists and mouthpieces with a financial interest in the outcome. Where were they a decade ago? Where were they a YEAR ago?

Do you think that the games committee got together and said "OK Hamilton, we have no idea what facilities you've got, but we're awarding you the games anyway, go see if you can make a deal with the Tiger-Cats"?

Make no mistake, the likes of Scott Mitchell, Ron Foxcroft, P.J. Mercanti and Bob Young (despite what he CLAIMS to have put into the Tiger-Cats) are NOT "good-intentioned". Their unprincipaled actions prove that. They saw taxpayers in a vulnerable position and a City Council populated with a few weak individuals afraid of their own shadows and tried to line their own pocket at the expense of our City's very future.

That may well be business, but it's certainly not "good-intentioned".

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