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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 12:25:27

I'm wondering if any of these sites ever stood a chance with hostco besides the West Harbour Site?

Hostco loved West Harbour, and it was the original planned site, so long as it had an anchor tenant.

Hostco just downzied Burlington's stadium because it was 5 km away from the GO station.

Let's say council had endorsed the East Mountain site and the Ti-cats wanted to play there. Would it be accessible enough for Hostco? It's not on the GO train line...

Aberdeen? Also not on the line, and despite the fact it's "on the highway" it seems to have less surrounding road capacity than the west harbour does in terms of roads going multiple directions to dissipate people quickly. Longwood will empty everyone onto the same few arterial roads, which seems like a recipie for a traffic disaster.

I'm starting to think that hostco is the partner that both the ti-cats and the city of Hamilton should have been paying more attention to.

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