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By brian (registered) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 10:43:31

Just be going on the basis of Edmonton/Winnipeg numbers i cant see Hamilton expenses being much more..could be even less..but it has to be within a million.. So the number i got of 12 million expenses..there is no way he could lose 7 million at any location in the city. If the Ticats average 25,000 per game (which is what they will be at after the labor day game). 25,000 x ave $35 per ticket equals = 875,000 for one game x10 (if you include the pre season game) = 250,000 x35 per ticket or 8.75 million.

8.75 million + 1.8 million (cfl revenue) =10.55 million would have to add in a few million for sponsorship, concessions, merchandise..maybe 3 that brings it up to 12.55-13.55 million...It is interesting to see Winnipeg getting 26% sponsorship and CFl 13%..thats 40% of revenues..its much higher than i thought since you always hear how the cfl is a gate driven league..maybe not as much as before.

I know im speculating because we dont really know the ticats expenses but for me it only makes sense that it is in the Winnipeg range. Winnipeg lost around 1/2 million operating the stadium as well and the ticats pay a mere 3000 dollars per game rent. Are those Ticat number of tickets sold...all paid in full..or not .?? this the reason he says he loses so much?. We dont know..i wish we knew the actual numbers. I know they say he put 30 million into the team but that isnt "losses" its including the scoreboard, the sound system other things. Wasnt the scoreboard 3 or 4 million and the sound system a million. If we knew a true accurate amount of losses per year im sure the city can find ways to help and where a stadium should be..but what are the true numbers??

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