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By slodrive (registered) | Posted July 24, 2010 at 22:16:32

"This isn't about the team, it is about our city.

Bob Young and the league need to ensure the "stability of the team". It is not our job to make his flawed business model profitable. If he can't charge enough for tickets to make a profit, then he needs to lower his operating his costs.

The continuing economic decline of an entire city is a bigger failure than losing a sports franchise… despite what the fans of said franchise may think." - Kiely

The two issues are one in the same. It's about the team and the city. There's no seperating the two. You can argue all you want about the economic impact of sports franchises to their markets (as there is evidence they have limited contribution) but what impression does it give potential residents and investors when a key part of the city's identity -- with 150 years of heritage -- goes waltzing out the door?

Give that some thought before you infer that comments are only voices of the fanbase. Or, should I assume that your opinion -- and desire to call the team's bluff and erect an empty 15,000 seater -- is because you aren't a Ticat fan?

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