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By LauraF (registered) | Posted July 22, 2010 at 16:26:04

On the goeastmountain site, under Reports>Comparable Stadiums, the comparisons there are puzzling.

The point they make on the bottom "3 out of 5 of the top ranked attendance clubs do not play downtown" is incorrect as #4 & #5, the Home Depot Centre in Carson IS downtown - Carson has a population of about one hundred thousand, and their own city council and is NOT within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles. The stadium is in the middle of their downtown, and is a huge hub of shops, restaurants, etc.

The Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus OH is in the suburbs, but considered by much of the local population to be an eyesore in the suburbs, and has never been considered popular with the team or fans.

The Xbox Pitch is about maybe a mile away from the Seattle Business District (very urban), and Gillette Stadium is about 20 miles-ish from downtown Boston, but located in the town of Foxborough, MA, which doesn't really have a downtown. The town was comprised of small neighbourhood communities until the turn of the century, and has a population of about 16,000. They're economy was in straw hat making, until the New England Patriots built the original stadium. That's really about all that town has.

So, that's one out of 5? A few others on that list are incorrect as well. Just sayin'.

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