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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2010 at 10:39:11

Amen, BobInnes, tWime to get rid of the boondoggle that spawned all the others - city council itself.

Why do we vote for people? Why don't we vote on laws? Spending? Policy? We have no say, at all, over those maters. Therefore, we DO NOT have a democracy. We can only choose who's making the rules, and don't have a lick of say about which rules they choose. It's a glorified high school student council. We might as well just vote on colours vaguely associated with governance styles, like at the other two levels of government. One "X" on one piece of paper every four years communicates about a byte of data over that whole time period. Megabytes of feedback are needed for real democracy. And don't tell me we can call our councillors or write a letter to the press - we can complain to our dogs, too. Doesn't mean it's effective.

And therefore, like any other group of human beings given vast powers and no responsibilities, oversight or accountability - they fail, constantly and consistently. This kind of system is inherently biased toward big boondoggle development projects like this because it is fundamentally disconnected from the actual issues and people they affect, and the only thing people remember (especially the press) at election time is a few high-profile actions (like stadiums), not a solid comparative track record. Voters aren't the problem. Voting is.

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