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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted July 17, 2010 at 23:03:49

Kiely Gotta give ya S fer persistence but

Still think there has been no "improvement" in 150 years Bob?

Nope! Great picture though. Read what i said more carefully:

i think electric motors/generators were almost 90% efficient

And i did NOT say we hadn't made progress in the LAST 100 yrs. What you showed us was mostly a steam boiler/ engine coupled with a low speed generator (and i believe its excitor (secondary gen). I don't recall saying anything about steam engines. I'll bet that generator wasnt much worse than today's model. Wanna see another still in use? The Humber Sewage plant has a gen set running on methane. 700 rpm or so. Huge but still effective. Faster is smaller in that field but all the gains are mostly done, as in many fields. Your book link showed something (neat enough)that i think Undustrial's post can be applied to. The point is that going gaga over minor improvements is throwing non tech politicians off what really needs to be done.

Also you should be willing to notice the diff between negative and pessimistic. MacKillops article is a call to action to avoid negative consequences. It's only pessimistic if you are overwhelmed or are looking to NOT CHANGE.

But i think its positive that a MacKillop article has over 30 comments! We just shouldn't get carried away.

Undustrial: The Europe thing is always quoted but we have to remember its 450 million vs our 30 in a much bigger place. That density makes things such as district heat, hi speed trains, recycling, a LOT more practical. Plus we send them our gulf stream. We should charge them, no?:-o

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